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Plumber in St-Lievens-Houtem 9520 2019-09-10 IMPACT


Job description

  • Laying supply and discharge pipes designed for water & gas supply 
  • You install or repair sanitary facilities, taps, gas boilers and other water heating devices
  • You install, regulate, maintain and repair installations for central heating
  • You edit and lay pipes
  • Cutting & sawing pipes to size, debur & bend them 
  • Making & assembling all kinds of connections 
  • You install boilers, fuel tanks and radiators and you connect them 


  • Experience working with Alpex
  • Experience as installer, in renovation or new constructions
  • Being able to communicate clearly --> good level of English because the job will especially be at the clients homes
  • Knowledge of Polish is great, at least 4 other Polish people working there


  • Payment according to experience (15-16 euro gross/hour)
  • Possibility for overhours (+- 5-6 overhours/ week)
  • fully legal employment according to Belgian law among which social security, health insurance, building up the right for a Belgian pension
  • furnished accommodation - single rooms,  unlimited internet, water, gas and electricity included - payable 72€/week
  • refund of transport cost to Belgium up to 125€ after four work weeks
  • end of year bonus - 8,33% of gross yearly salary
  • holiday bonus - 15,38% of gross yearly salary
  • child benefits for every child
  • transportation provided (depending on distance from accommodation)
  • guidance from our multilingual coordinators

General information

Contract type 
Permanent contract after interim
Job category 
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