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CNC turner in Izegem 8870 2021-03-05 IMPACT Impact logo


148 km

Job description

  • Determine the different machining phases and the adjustment values ​​of the part and the tool (tolerance, surface condition, position, ...)
  • Assemble and adjust the cutting tools, position and fix the part and then set the correct parameters (speed, advance, throughput, lubrication, ...)
  • Start up and monitor production (pre-production, serial production, ...)
  • Being able to detect faults on the machine and make adjustments.
  • Control of the produced pieces .
  • Operating and monitoring multiple machines.
  • Finishing parts, ready for assembly.


  • You can work independently and with a sense of responsibility.
  • Reading and interpreting technical drawings is no problem for you.
  • You have technical knowledge and experience.
  • Knowledge of  English.
  • You are open to learn.
  • You can finish pieces from A to Z.
  • Fine work with accurate tolerances is your quality.
  • You like to work in a clean environment.


• Fully legal employment according to Belgian law among which social security, health insurance, building up the right for a Belgian pension

• Salary depends on experience

• Furnished accommodation - single rooms, unlimited internet, water, gas and electricity included - payable 72€/week

• Refund of transport cost to Belgium up to 125€ after four work weeks

• End of year bonus - 8,33% of gross yearly salary

• Holiday bonus - 15,38% of gross yearly salary

• Child benefits for every child

• Transportation provided (depending on distance from accommodation)

• Guidance from our multilingual coordinators

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