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Our approach

Sometimes IMPACT customers are looking for expertise in technics or construction that simply cannot be found on the Belgian job market. When that happens, IMPACT looks abroad to find the perfect candidate for the job. Our International Distance Matching (IDM) department is specialised in finding expertise from around the world. IMPACT has an international network of partners that excel in recruiting experts in technics and construction. 

How it works

When we receive a request for a specific profile, we inform our foreign partners. Based on resumes in their databases, they present us with suitable potential candidates. Next, our IDM recruiters analyse the resumes, call or Skype candidates, and perform reference checks. The most interesting profiles are presented to our customer. And, when a profile request matches your resume, you are either immediately offered a contract or you have an interview with our customer (by phone, Skype or face-to-face).

Recruitment and guidance

When you accept a job in Belgium you will receive a Belgian salary. The IMPACT service also includes housing and guidance both on and off the job. We will help you with your paperwork.

Your recruitment consultant:

  • welcomes you to Belgium;
  • explains your rights and duties;
  • goes through your contract with you;
  • elaborates the job safety rules;
  • helps you get settled in;
  • assists you in opening a bank account and in getting health insurance and child benefits;
  • makes sure that you are properly registered at your local town hall;
  • answers all your questions;

In other words, your recruitment consultant does everything possible to make you feel at home!

Do you want to know more about our international recruitment services? Or are you interested in a job in technics or construction? Contact us!

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