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Colleagues have the floor

Our internal employees bare witness

Business Process & Safety Officer

“My job is my outlet.”

By now, I have become part of the furniture at IMPACT, because I’ve been working here since 2000. It’s not much of a surprise that I’ve been here so long, because I have a fantastic job and my colleagues are great. IMPACT is a very empathetic company, where people know each other and job satisfaction is of great importance. The management is aware of the private situations of each and every employee. Do you have a problem? Then they demonstrate flexibility.

This is not your average company where everybody just clocks in, does his job and clocks out again. We work hard here, but there’s also room for a lot of fun. My job is my outlet. I can lose myself completely in my work. And you get many opportunities to further develop yourself. In combination with the personal approach and the warm atmosphere, that is what makes IMPACT an exceptional employer.

Branch Manager

“I enjoy my work every day!”

In 2001, I made a conscious decision to apply for a job at IMPACT. Matching candidates and companies seemed like a nice challenge. And I was right! IMPACT is a pleasant, people-oriented enterprise, where you can actually feel the vibes of making it work together. The culture is one where personal development is encouraged and people are given opportunities. For example: When I had just started out, I was immediately allowed to open a new agency in Zaventem. That was quite a vote of confidence.

This company also pays attention to detail. There’s always a small gift for every anniversary and holidays such as Easter, Christmas, Saint Nicholas, …. That says a lot about the atmosphere within an enterprise. The team spirit is excellent! We always go all out and that is why I come to work every day with a big smile on my face.

HR Officer

“Helping others to push their boundaries fills me with great satisfaction.”

I started as a consultant at IMPACT in 2003. Our company was a lot smaller back then. The significant growth of the past years has not led to a cumbersome structure. On the contrary. Here, people are still people, not numbers. In the meantime, I have grown and become HR Officer. I think it is very important that people feel good about their job and the company. We regularly check the needs of our staff by means of surveys and follow-up and evaluation interviews. Is there someone with specific needs? Then we try to meet them with personal coaching or training if it is feasible, practically and organisationally.

Helping others to push their boundaries and take on new challenges fills me with great satisfaction. Establishing long-term relationships with people fills me with energy. I continuously strive to surpass my own personal objectives and support others on their way to a higher level. Finding the best possible candidates who want to help build a successful business – for me, that is the greatest reward!

Sales Manager

“There’s a lot of dancing going on at our agency.”

I’ve been working at IMPACT since 2015. I’d always been active with a larger company in the industry, but I had been looking for something new, a real challenge. IMPACT was a less well known player in East Flanders, and they were looking to reinvigorate the agency in Ghent. That type of pioneering work was just the thing for me. I like opening doors and I get to do my thing here.

I finally have that feeling of belonging, of having come home. Here, you are given freedom, trust, and responsibility. I really love that, because I am a mini-entrepreneur in a large enterprise. At IMPACT, we want to get good results, but not without a little fun, because we are epicureans. Every time we achieve success, there’s dancing at the office. And in all honesty … there’s a lot of dancing going on!

Recruitment Consultant International Recruitment

“Working in an international context is wonderful.”

My story at IMPACT started back in 2011. The opportunity to work in an international context appealed to me. I have a very varied job, in which I have to cooperate with our international partners. I make sure that the Belgian adventure for our foreign candidates becomes a pleasant experience. Fun and very intense at times. But my two daughters make me forget about a tough day at work in no time.

IMPACT grows every year and that leads to stimulating dynamics. We focus both on technical profiles and we work across the borders. That makes us unique. Working in an international context is great. And the technical profiles provide the necessary challenges too. I used to know very little about industrial machines, for example. But after a number of technical courses I know exactly what I’m talking about.


“I feel genuinely appreciated.”

I’ve been reinforcing the accounting department at IMPACT since January 2009. People often think that a job in accounting is repetitive and little challenging. At IMPACT however, this statement couldn’t be more wrong. There’s a lot of variety in my job. For example, I am also responsible for the follow-up of the car park, with more or less one hundred cars. Every day is different and that – in combination with my great colleagues – is what makes my job the best.

The atmosphere at IMPACT is very pleasant. Even though we grow, we are still a company with a warm heart, where every individual is treated with respect. They never forget your birthday, and even for the holidays there’s always a little present. I really feel appreciated here and I love to come to work!

Branch Manager

“I am the benevolent authority.”

I’ve been working at IMPACT since 2006. I am a trained accountant and when my child was born, I wanted a change. So I applied for a job at IMPACT. I started out as a consultant, after which I became Office Manager.

I really love my job! I am the conductor reframing the figures, supporting the team, recruiting and training the new co-workers … I am the benevolent authority, because I too benefit from the benevolent authority of IMPACT.

I feel supported and recognised in my work. The atmosphere is very friendly too; there’s always careful attention to detail for the big events. For me, it’s ideal, because I can flourish in my professional life too!



“Here, I learn every day!”

I actually started working here by coincidence, but ten years later I’m still here! I have really developed myself a lot here at IMPACT. I have specialised in technical profiles and, in order to understand the professions the clients are looking for, I have to constantly keep training myself in new techniques and technologies. IMPACT gives me the leeway to do so. I visit factories, follow courses at Centres of Expertise: I love my job, because I get to learn new things every day!

What I also love at IMPACT is how all the regulations are strictly followed at all levels. In order to guarantee the highest quality, nothing is left to chance, whether it be for the customers, the workers, or ourselves - the co-workers: a beautiful example of respect!

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